Have your home assessed by our Architect Sydney experts with more than 30 years experience and get a personalised residential design based on your style and budget, maximising the use of space and confort using the latest technology!

Leave all requirements (Plans and Documentation) for Council Approval to us! Either through Private Certifiers or directly with the local Council. This includes the Development Application (DA) and Construction Certificate (CC) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC). Thus you can totally relax while we take care of the tasks related to licensing and approvals from government offices and private Certifier Authority.

We take care of all paper work involved to get your project licensed according with the check list from the principal Authority selected; such as Architectural Drawings (set of plans), Structural Engineering details, BASIX Certificate, Environmental Effect Report (SEE), Stormwater Concept Plan, Waste Management Plan, Hydrologic Stormwater System, Arborist report and Geotechnical Report.

These deliverables are handed over to you for your perusal and approval before submission for Council Approval (Authority assestment) and before we get started with the next phase of work.

We give you a style of design that you truly desire, and within a budget that you have. Our projects take maximum advantage of the latest Green Technology methods.