• Free Inspection of the property to check conditions on-site and to get expectation from the client, only in Sydney Metropolitan areas. Other Cities and Estates relevant information about the property will be requested.
  • Quotation about the services we will provide including all the estimating costs involved in the process from other professionals to get the Construction Certificate. Government fees and a raffle estimation of the building cost are provided to have an overall of costing in front.
  • Check which process we can go through depending on site conditions and regulations: DA (Development Application) and CC (Construction Certificate) or CDC (Complying Development Certificate).
  • We take care about all the relevant tasks in Council or Private Certifier Office and reports from other when required, such as Survey Plan, Structural Plans, Stormwater system Plan, Geotechnical Report, Bush fire Prone land report, Arboriculture Report etc.
  • Relevant measures are taken inside the property (Only Sydney Metropolitan Areas), to combine with the survey plan and produce accuracy plans for building propose.
  • Sketched designs and 3D Views are submitted to clients for their perusal.
  • Prepare all relevant plans and documentation for submission to the relevant authority, such as Architectural & Structural plans and details, Stormwater Plan and Certificate, BASIX Certificate, Statement Environmental Effect report (SEE), etc.
  • Building Quantity Survey for accuracy quotation from any Building Company.
  • Building quote is provided together with the final project for your perusal.
  • Construction Project Management (Only Sydney Metropolitan Areas).